UCR Group

Collaborate to evolve development and resonate innovation.

UCR Framework for Research

Collaboration Research Model - enabling access to new technologies, developing application for your market.

  • A collaboration platform enables access to networks of scientific engineers, with expertise that spans technology. UCR is employed to assist development of applications, products, processes and components.

    Teams engage with educational institutions for validation of testing and the generation of publication papers, underpinning development of IP.

  • Transition to the Commercial Phase attracts collaboration with multinational commercial partners.

    Prototypes and scaling models for manufacturing developed in our 8 hectre facility.

    UCR hosts development of technologies that will provide a broad scope of benefits to the world.

UCR Stakeholder Benefits

Theory > prototype > market; UCR presents a unique collaboration between technology and industry managing the risk in breakthrough innovation, making tomorrow’s technology accessible today.

  • person

    IP / Technology Owner

    Develop and launch theories and prototypes with strategic stakeholders and evolve into the commercial phase with a major commercial partner.

  • school


    Attract new technologies for testing and publication, knowledge transfer, funding and development of further applications.

  • group

    Commercial Partner

    Develop scientific theory and prototypes to cultivate innovation and lead solutions for industry. Benefit from tax relief and incentives for stakeholders.

UCR Stakeholder Benefits


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    Adopt a research project, partnered with the technology owner, an educational institution and commercial partner. Support innovation for industry.

  • business_center

    Tax Relief Advisors

    Assist with UCR projects participating in technology research for innovation and assist with tax relief, credits and funding opportuities.

  • public


    Attract new technology with knowledge transfer to universities, employment and export opportunities, with multinational commercial partners.

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