Brand Name

Modified Circuits for Power Amplification

Reduce power drawn from source by over 50%.

ICD EnergyTech to Lighten the electrical load.

Reduce climate impact and energy costs!

An Alvolt ICD can be designed and configured for all industrial processes with a high electrical use, significantly reducing energy demand.

UCR are currently operating a commercial electrolytic ceramic process using over 60% less electricity afforded by the ICD EnergyTech.

The ICD captures energy losses and distortions, increasing available output and unlocking full energy potential from the supply.

An Alvolt ICD applied to a hydrogen electrolyser will reduce power use by up to 60%.

This transforms the economics for hydrogen generation using renewable power.

Alvolt Energytech applied to industrial processes, provides a cross-sector energy solution.

Rapid scaling and adoption would significantly impact the energy sector's impact on climate change.

Get involved! We are looking for cross-sector collaboration.

We can significantly reduce you energy costs and climate impact. Potentially as part of an Energy Performance Contract (EPC). Contact us to find out more.