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Decarbonise life

Our carbon footprint needs to be reduced urgently. Power storage, transfer and delivery needs to evolve. CAPS technology may be the solution.

  • CAPS uses one of the world's most abundance elements, coupled with a unique ceramic, for a new material to present 1,000 - 10,000 times the capacity over current materials.

    Traditional materials used for supercapacitors and batteries require high energy input to manufacture and material value has increased significantly over the past decade.

  • What does this mean for the world?

    Electric vehicles drive farther, renewables like wind and solar have greater capacity and output. We create a power storage required in almost all devices with a greater storage capability and power delivery efficiency, only smaller and with a greatly reduced manufacturing carbon footprint by over 90%.

ultra low energy microplasma

A comprehensively tested electrolytic process for a highly effective replacement for other surface engineering processes such as hard anodising, chrome and nickel plating, plasma spray ceramics, electroplating and power ceramics. We create a material with a major increase in capacitance. Contact us to discuss further.

  • Ceramics

    Ultra low power that calms the process to enable an intermolecular flexible bond to thin foils and geometric shapes.

  • Anodising

    Greatly increase the efficiency in anodising generating a vastly superior end product, while reducing costs.

  • Environment

    Our highly efficient process, proven across industries, incorporates energy conservation measures.

flexible ceramic alloy power storage

1,000 - 10,000 times the storage capability with endless cycles.

Manufactured from one of our world's most abundant elements. No use of rare earth materials nor the huge energy input to refine them. Manufacturing is not governed by limited and costly supplies enabling production in any country.

  • Superior power density

    Greater dialectric constant and mechanical resistance. Broader scope of operating temperatures, increasing efficiency and reliability.

  • Decarbonise power

    Reduced costs for materials and less weight. Significanlty lower manufacturing and distribution carbon footprint.

  • Vastly extend life

    Elimiate electrode corrosion, virtually limitless cycles, removing costly systems failures. Increased range of electrical devices.

More power!

Increased range and reliability for capacitors and batteries. A potential battery / capacitor hybrid. Power storage and distribution evolved.

  • ev_station

    Electric Vehicles

    EVs will travel further distances with increased stored charge yet reduced weight.

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    Reduced Costs

    Reduced weight equals reduced costs. Greater output and distance for less money.

  • wb_sunny

    Amplify Renewables

    Ehanced storage and distribution, enabling access to power anywhere at anytime.

Framework for Research

Collaboration Research Model with Development Partners - enabling access to new technologies, developing applications for your market.

  • We are a network of scientific engineers, with expertise that spans technology disciplines, employed to assist development of applications, products, processes and components.

    Our teams engage with educational institutions for validation of testing and the generation of publication papers, underpinning development of IP.

  • Transition to the commercial phase with multinational development and commercial partners.

    From theory and prototypes to scaling technology and business models for competitive advantage in your industry. Incorporating costs and environmental conservation measures... contact us to discuss how we can help.

Stakeholder benefits

Let's discuss how you can become involved.

  • person

    Technology Provider

    Develop and launch theories and prototypes with strategic stakeholders and evolve into the commercial phase with a major commercial partner.

  • school


    Attract new technologies for testing and publication, knowledge transfer, funding and development of further applications.

  • group

    Commercial Partners

    Develop scientific theory and prototypes to cultivate innovation and lead solutions for industry. Benefit from tax relief and incentives for stakeholders.