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intermolecular ceramic alloy technology

Imagine achieving vastly greater results with only a fraction of the effort.

An ultra low energy electrolytic process capable of processing foils with an intermolecular bond, creating flexible ceramic alloy.

  • Precision layer

    Using minimal energy, we create a perfect, even layer of coating, with no build up on the edges.

    • Crystalline layer

      A superior even layer providng the outer protection.

    • Amorphic layer

      Unique intermolecular layer for unequalled protection.

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a new era for micro arc coatings

Achieve unrivalled coating benefits with a fraction of the energy!

  • Intermolecular coating

    We have evolved standard processes to generate an amorphic layer between the coating and substrate. The result is near zero porosity in the coating. Essentially, we have created a new material, a ceramic alloy, with unrivalled coating benefits.

  • Increase scope of use

    The creation of anamorphic layer enables the coating to take on the characteristic of the substrate. Ceramics can now be applied to springs, micro foils and nano-wires.

  • Increased resilience

    A crystalline layer exists on the amorphic layer and this will wear like any other crystalline layer. However, when the component wears past the crystalline layer, the amorphic layer exhibits a resilient strength greater than steel.

ultra low energy microplasma

A comprehensively tested electrolytic process for a highly effective replacement for other surface engineering processes such as hard anodising, chrome and nickel plating, plasma spray ceramics, electroplating and power ceramics. We create a material with a major increase in capacitance. Contact us to discuss further.

  • Ceramics

    Ultra low power that calms the process to enable an intermolecular flexible bond to thin foils and geometric shapes.

  • Anodising

    Greatly increase the efficiency in anodising generating a vaslty superior end product, while reducing costs.

  • Environment

    Our highly efficient process, proven across industries, incorporates energy conservation measures.

Framework for Research

Collaboration Research Model with Development Partners - enabling access to new technologies, developing applications for your market.

  • We are a network of scientific engineers, with expertise that spans technology disciplines, employed to assist development of applications, products, processes and components.

    Our team has decades of experience in the development of specilaist materials and coatings. We are also experts in unique energy efficiency technology. We create superior processes with a fraction of the power.

  • We are developing a 20 acre facility and have targeted strategic locations for research and development with commercial partners and educational institutions to explore the full scope of use.

    UCR presents a collaboration framework to develop applications and rapidly commercialise to realise the benefits to the environment and people of this planet.

To discuss collaborations on ceramic and anodising research and development, please say hello!